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My Pets
12.31.02 @ 3:25 p.m.

My Pets
wrote on: 12.31.02 @ 3:25 p.m.

this page is dedicated to the many loves of my life. my pets!


that's my babygirl, betty. argh love her to death. she's 10 years old, and 14.3 hands tall. She's a gorgeous Dapple Grey, which will fade out to pure white in a few years. I now do games with her, such as barrels, pole bending, box keyhole race, and 50 yard dash. We used to jump which was pretty scary at times. She likes this better and i'm very happy weith where she's going right now. Betty also loves hard candy, like warheads, peppermints, cough drops, candy canes...anything. New thing about betty: she doesnt have a stall in the barn, so we let her run the aisles at night. well, as of late she's been letting the other horses out and torturing them, and also dragging in feed bags n ripping them apart...bad girl. LOL. She's an amazing animal. <3


this is my mean parakeet Jabber or Jibbie..He's my sixth bird, the others died on me. blah. Before i got him, he was abused by a little girl who beat his head against the cage. Then another lady had him, but had to move into an apartment, so she gve him to my aunt, and she knew i loved parakeets, so she sent him back my way. And i've had him since then, almost 7-8 years. He bites, and the feathers on the back of his neck stand up when he's ticked off. It doesn't help that my brother bothers him and ticks him off even more...lol. He's my attack bird and gaurds my room for me. <3

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