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here she stands today in her brilliant shiny way..
06.04.2006 @ 8:34 pm

here she stands today in her brilliant shiny way..
wrote on: 06.04.2006 @ 8:34 pm

here i am. geez. right after i wrote my last entry, things ended with sean pretty rocky. he's now seeing some slut from h-burg. figures.

BUTTTTTTTT....im over it. i gave my number to a guy named doug while i was 'with' sean ...and he asked if i'd give him a call some time. so i did....and like we really hit it off.

so we met up of course and iv'e been hanging with him ever since, a little over a month now. we have seriously gotten so close since then, that we're best friends. it's weird. but i love him to death and i dunno what i'd do without my buddy <3 he introduced me to his best friend richie, and we're like a big bunch of nerds now, lol, we even have been hanging out at richie's for RAW the past 3 weeks. we sit and yell and stuff ...loll...nerd crew! lol.

i got tix for raw, and i was going to be taking my mom....all of a sudden i met dougiefresh and last nite i asked him if he'd like to go with me instead of my mom, and she said it was alright if i took him instead of her.haha. so yeah. this will be his first wwe event...he's so excited...and so am i. i cant wait to take him, we both love john cena....<<<333 which makes him even cooler to me.

but anyway that's what ive been up to. shawnta is due to have her baby any day now and i cant wait for that either! <<33 u all <3amber aka the queen of cool

i've been careless with a delicate mannn...
wrote on: 04.24.2006 @ 10:11 pm

sean asked me to come over on sat nite around 11....so i said i would if i didnt fall asleep and he wasnt allowed to get mad at me...well, if i fell asleep...and so it figures i did., i'm such a fuck up, bc of that. so he IMed me last nite all pissed saying we werent ever gonna hook up and shit...and i said that i just cant help that i get tired all the time...he told me to change it. i said i'd try. then he said nothing for a while....and so i said 'well, since your so pissed at me, you prolly hate me now and dont want to talk to me anymore' and he said no. and i was just like, damn. thats it? i guesso. i wanna be with him...and i couldnt sleep at all last nite. so i got back online, he had his away msg on, and i wrote something in the beginning of my myspace profile, [if u wanna see it, to go myspace.com/m_u_l_l_e_t] saying to just forgive me and shit. and i put one of my sad pix up lol im so retarded. after i was done, i sent a msg to him saying to look at my myspace, 'it's for u<3' so i dunno if he saw it or not, but i meant everything i wrote...and im not taking it down till he forgives me. as of now, he's not around...of course his msg is up...so mine is up as well.... i figure i'll sit here till wrestling's over...or maybe later. im full of energy. i need to talk to him.....but imma let him come to me, i dont want him to feel as if i'm obsessive or something, even tho the note on my myspace is a little out there...lol. i love you sean<3 you drive me crazy. later dudes, wish me luck.

i'm so sick.///
wrote on: 04.21.2006 @ 8:48 pm

gah i havent seen sean since i met him that nite...i keep visiting his work but it seems like he's never there when i want him to be lol. but ive talked to him online and stuff..right now his away msg says 'at the hospital for support' whatever the hell that means. i wish he's get home now. lol. i miss him. id go over and hang out 2nite but im getting sick...so yeah., i prolly already contaminated all my clients today lol. well im gonna go to sleep since someone isnt online...LOL. <<33 amber


it's hard for me to control myself..
wrote on: 04.12.2006 @ 11:08 pm

wow....i;'ve never gone that long without an entry damn. i guess i was just really down about the whole "situation"...but that's in the past...i'm still kinda sulking over him...bBUT amber's got a new man! ahaha i met him on myspace too...and i actually kinda hung out with him...sunday at 1 am lol. he talked me into going and meeting up with him since he was upset and shit. sooo...i did. lol. he's only 2 minutes away so yeah...kickass man. i'm trying to not get too attached...yanno what happened the last time i did that...but anyway i got lost on my way to his house...i dunno how...so i called him and he led me the right way..l,ol...so then he came outta his house...on the phone with his best friend...bout some kid wanting to beat his ass or soemthing. haa i kept telling him to hang up on him, not thinking it was his best friend that he had on hold...lol.. he's a hottie...he hugged me and we talked...for bout 15 minutes cuz it was late and my fam is overprotective...i just said i was going for a drive...he found that hilarious lol. then he kissed me and i hugged him and then i left.

ahh, finally found a guy l,ol. but i called him the next day...and talked to him online lol. but he hasnt been online the last two nites...i'm worried again lol. that's y im on so late tonite...but i cant wait much longer cuz i gotta go to work at 9 am. i'll keep it posted...<<<333 amberrrrr

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