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Bio - - not an entry - -
12.23.02 @ 3:30 p.m.

Bio - - not an entry - -
wrote on: 12.23.02 @ 3:30 p.m.

name - amber marie
nickname - shortee
bday - 10/21/85
height - 5'1"
shoe size - 7 in women's
eyes - brown
hair - red on top with pink chunks, blackish brown underneath, and at the very bottom it's red again..triple tone!
glasses or contacts - both
my ride - 2001 pontiac sunfire [it's paid for!!]
hobbies - riding horses, working out, boulevard cruising, mall and movies, avid pa lottery player
horse-back riding style:barrel racer/thrill chaser...i wear pink! w00t :D job - hair stylist...sucks..don;t be one! lol.
music - metal mostly
soda - coke, mountain dew, squirt
foods - spaghetti, french fries, mac n cheese, pizza, salt n vinegar chips
tv shows - wwe raw, the o.c., real world, newlyweds, survivor, american idol, smackdown!, viva la bam, jackass, andy milanakis, pimp my ride, american chopper, monster garage, rocko's modern life..
movies - the ring, selena, cabin fever, big daddy, all austin powers, where the heart is, loser
wrestlers - jeff hardy, rvd, lita, batista, hhh, shelton benjamin, aj styles, chris sabin, chris beniot, alexis laree, trish stratus, john cena, raven, rhino, the boogeyman, undertaker, rvd, petey williams
smell - cucumber melon & sweet pea
color - black&purple
something unique about me - i'm left-handed
wwe shows i've been to:
- RAW brand house show [WWE Tour of Defiance]
02-02-2004 - RAW Live @ BJC
02-21-2005 RAW @ the BJC // Batista breaks free!
claim-to-fame:In July 2005, i won $$$ on a PA Lottery Scratchoff & 2-2-04 was shown on WWE TV with my Sotne Cold 3:16 Sign!

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