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here we go again
03.14.2006 @ 3:57 pm

here we go again
wrote on: 03.14.2006 @ 3:57 pm

hey yall. just hangin out lately. i was supposed to meet up with justin last saturday nite but i got running late and here his parents' car broke down in breezewood....so yeah. i deserved that. i cant believe i fucked it all up. oh wellz. he's getting a tattoo this sat ....maybe we'll hang out again. i wanna get my nose pierced...haha i've done a lot of thinking about it..i'm ready.

btw my pictures will show up in a couple of days ..i just renewed my gold membership...so yeah.

anyone been watching raw lately? lol vince is getting a little out of hand. i love how hbk threw piss all over him and shane. priceless shit right there. lol!! wresltemania right around the corner!!!! i think it's like 18 days or something like that. wooo. i hope matt gets it or else i';ll go crazy...haha.

im watching this new ashley parker angel video....damn he is h0tt as hell. lol.

awww randle el signed with the redskins...shit. it figures, he is just all about the money. i hope he gets no play time. lol. i really likedhim on the steelers and i even bought a shirt of his. this sucks, oh well tho.,

GO STEELERS! haha im a little early huh. <3

well i gtg/...later dudes.

am i the only one who's cool anymore?!?!?
wrote on: 03.03.2006 @ 12:26 am

same old shit going on here. lol. work sucks and i can't wait to start riding again. i really do miss riding....and the weather better shape up soon or i'll go crazy.

but equine affaire is coming up in april soooooooooo usually after that the weather gets better ... so yeahhhh. i wanna buy betty her hot pink boots! she'll look so good in em, since she's that lite grey color now. and yeah, i'm still dying her tail pink! i just ordered her some hot hot pink color and enhancing shampoo from manic panic, and it should come here soon. i'm crazy i know. ;)

i actually hung out with shawnta on tuesday at the mall. but jason had to come with us so yeah...he's cool and all but come on./ but i guess they are married now so it's different....WHICH SUCKS i want my best friend back lol. i think she jumped too soon but i won't say nothin cuz she'll tell jason....she tells him everything i say to her on the phone....which i never say anything terrible...but come on. like when i talk about work ...to her, and i see him, he like, repeats it...wtf. i hate that shit. so i'm not telling her anything private anymore lol. she's got 2 months before her daughter comes...i'm excited for her. she's gonna be a great mother. <3

i need new friends....come on people...LOL. im talking to some new people so we'll see. and i meet a lot of people at work...so. ehh. i dont like this 'make new friends thing'....i didnt realize how much i depended on people i knew since i was a kid and now that their all getting pregnant and tied down....LOL it's only been 2 years since we all graduated!!!!! WTF am i the only one who wants to go out and have a good time or what.,...lol i just wanna be crazy and shit. the girls at work keep telling me that they'll all kick my ass if i ever get married...LOL and i'm listening to them as long as i can...i've learned a lot from working in the shop. .ya know. and i am the youngest so....haha just taking in all in. <<3 lata yall

make me a superstar....
wrote on: 02.23.2006 @ 9:35 pm

heylo. not much going on here. just been on myspace every nite instead or diaryland....lol. poor dl. so neglected.

i bought a really nice digital camera tuesday. it's a kodak...hehe. <3 income tax returns. so i'll be taking all kinds of pictures...how fun. :)

i talked to a guy i met on myspace for 3 hours the other nite....lol. he's a real sweetheart, even tho i busted his balls the entire convo. ;) haha <3 ya justin. you better talk to me on saturday nite....

stacy keibler better win dancing with the stars...im watching right now. she looks great. everyboy vote! 18008683404.

lata yall <3

we are the champions!
wrote on: 02.09.2006 @ 11:53 pm

yeah i finally decide to write. haha.

the superbowl: it was just an ok game for me. but what the hell, who cares, we won the damn game! superbowl champs '06! GO STEELERS! and hines ward, mr. mvp!!!! he deserved it, he had one hell of a game....he seems to always have a good game! always smiling like a chesire cat in the end zone!! and how about casey hampton, getting hasselback sacked in the 4th quarter, the big man can definately move! big ben--my fave--was so nervous, he was just all over the place, but i thought he did great for being 23, in his second season, and working with an injury. gotta commend everything he's done for the steelers' team..and i definatly cannot forget about the defensive and offensive lineman! way to go guys! lol, also gotta mention randle el for the awesome throw, troy palamolu for flying around the field like a madman, the bus for an amazing career and a job well done in the superbowl, willie parker for his work and 75+ yds touchdown, mr. townshend for his interseption, jeff reed for all the extra points, chris gardocki for his punts, and bill cowher and the rest of the coaches for one hell of a season! congrats steelers, you guys deserve it! WE DEFINATLY GOT ONE FOR THE THUMB NOW!!! =)

got to finally see my betty-girl on sunday. lol she's so wooley and white, it's funny. can't wait to start riding again. it's almost time!

havent won much money on the lottery...but i did match 3 out of 5 numbers on the cash 5 for $9.50...most i ever won on it. --that was on groundhog day too! lol--

work has been busy. been making commission the past 5-6 weeks, so yeah, doing great. no complainers as of yet...just bitchy people...here's something i dont understand: if you come to the salon to get your hair cut, and you dont know how you want it cut, why the hell do you come in?!?!? ok i fell better now. i try my best to be nice and all but sometimes...yeah. some people just show no emotion and their hard to read. others...well i have no clue, they are just strange people. LOL. i often wonder how some of those people survive in this world. haha.

i decided to change it up a bit with a new layout...actually i have used it before but i just change the pics around...right now it's my latest obsession, rhino, beating the shit out of that two-faced, lying son of a bitch, little pussy named edge. i hope john cena just muals his stupid little ass into shreds. he sucks.

later dudes.

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